Full Property Bookout

We really shine when hosting events. There are 13 rooms available for guest overnight use, for a total of up to 16 beds or 32 people. The hotel can accommodate up to 175 additional guests when the property in its entirety is reserved.

Catering and Bar

We do not allow outside catering, outside alcohol, or the use of drugs other than cannabis. We have excellent relationships with local Chefs and Bartenders, and are happy to include Food and Beverage as part of your quote.

We are happiest when managing a 4 dimensional experience for our guests. In order to execute and create a vibe which caters to each individual or individual group, we plan “possibilities” in collaboration with you. This means, if watermelon looks terrible, we might choose to replace it with local mangoes at the last minute- because we want delicious over getting an A in planning the menu. We find charm in storytelling, spontaneity, and wisdom through our own expertise.

We know you have lots of options when staying in Palm Springs, and want you to enjoy your time while you are here. In order to manage for your happiness, we must first understand a little more about you: Please click here to access our initial small event inquiry form, which we also use for weddings. We are not every hotel, and do not report to anyone besides you and our own ethics. If we think you will be a good fit for the vibe we offer, you will be given a code to book online with us year round.

Our Philosophy

We are over-achieving Angelenos with a passion for making you and your guests feel special; heard; and pampered as a result. We do this ongoingly with our overnight guests, but pour most of our love into hosting highly curated special events.

As a result of the necessary communications and energy required to pull this off, we only host a limited number of events on property each year. We do not host un-produced events without a considerable amount of leniency; in other words, we need you to trust us.

If we determine that your needs are too specific for our ability to stay in a box, we may require an event producer or planner to be contracted with.